5 Top Cruise Destinations for 2021

Holiday planning can be a challenge, which is especially true when selecting your next cruise destination. With cruise ship travel spanning the globe, you have a variety of locales to discover. However, if this is your first cruise holiday, then the top five cruise deals include:


With each island’s white sandy beaches, bright turquoise waters and plentiful sunshine, you’ll have a perfect warm climate to relax in when traveling to the Caribbean. If you enjoy numerous water sports, then you’ll be glad to have selected a Caribbean destination as you can experience snorkeling, kayaking and jet skiing.

When reviewing your shore excursion options, you’ll find that you can visit the historic sites on the island of St. Thomas or find adventure by parasailing. If you should visit St. John, then you can take sailboat lessons or windsurf, and on St. Croix, you can scuba dive or explore the island by kayak.


With an Alaskan cruise, you’ll want the best camera that you can afford as the awe-inspiring sights must come home with you. You can expect to see incredible creatures throughout your trip such as whales, bald eagles and bears. In fact, one of your shore excursions may include a small airplane ride to visit a bear colony.

During your trip to Alaska, you’ll be faced with majestic mountain ranges, splendid glaciers and cozy little towns. If you are a history buff, then you’ll have plenty of antique sites to enjoy while outdoor enthusiasts can spend their shore excursion experiencing a ride on a dog sled.


You’ll have a number of unique countries to visit when you pick the Mediterranean as your next travel destination. With comfortable weather temperatures throughout the year, there isn’t a bad time to visit. In fact, the Mediterranean is the perfect locale for you whether you love the sun or prefer to explore historical sites.

You’ll be able to discover destinations such as Rome, the Greek Islands and Barcelona. You can select shore excursions that include a trip to Rome’s Colosseum, Spain’s incredible architecture or the Greek Islands of Crete and Paros. With your Mediterranean cruise, you’ll have access to authentic Italian cuisine along with classic tapas from Spain.


If discovering different cities appeals to you, then a Baltic cruise will easily offer you a perfect adventure. You’ll be arriving in cities such as Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki where history is waiting for you. Your shore excursions can include visits to museums, historical sites and past architectural wonders.

When you’re ready to lounge on a white sandy beach, you can visit Kristiansand, which features a picturesque beach locale. You’ll enjoy sampling the authentic food from each city you visit, and you’ll find unique souvenirs for your friends and family members at home.

Norwegian Fjords

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then you should consider booking your cruise trip to the Norwegian Fjords. When you choose a cruise to the Norwegian area, you may have the chance to view the breathtaking Northern Lights in Norway. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit the world renowned fjords, impressive wildlife and memory card filling natural wonders.

During your cruise, you’ll arrive in destinations where your shore excursions can include hiking, summer skiing and rafting. You’ll also have the chance to take a walking trip over a glacier, cycle and kayak. You can enjoy popular tourist areas or discover hidden sites. Moreover, you’ll be face to face with the enchanting landscaping that Mother Nature provides.

Once you’ve chosen your next cruise journey, you can settle into the enjoyable tasks of picking your shore adventures, shopping for holiday clothes and packing for the trip.